China communication industry is developing rapidly and IT equipment Operator network equipment market performed particularly well

  • 2018/9/30 10:11:51

With the rise of cloud computing and mobile Internet, data flow show explosive growth, present new characteristics such as diversity, flexible business requirements.Communication and IT equipment as an important infrastructure of information and communication industry, on the one hand into the high speed development, on the other hand, in the product structure, manufacturing mode, industrial ecology undergoing change.

Status: slow growth of the global market upturn in China market

Global communications equipment market is slow growth to operator market, enterprise network market dominance.
In 2015, according to Gartner data, global communication equipment market size of $123.4 billion, up 0.5% from a year earlier, the operator network equipment market size of $83.64 billion, fell 1.4% year on year.Enterprise network equipment market size of $39.81 billion, up 4.9% from a year earlier.Market pattern, huawei, Ericsson, nokia as the big three operators market;Nearly half of the cisco enterprise network market.

中国通信和IT设备产业发展迅速 运营商网络设备市场表现尤其抢眼

Global IT equipment shipments to maintain growth, foreign companies dominate the obvious advantages.Global server shipments in 2015 2015, up 9.9% from a year earlier.Income of $55.7 billion, up 10.1% from a year earlier.Storage system shipped 1.13 million units, up 3.1%;Income of $23.6 billion, down 1.7% year-on-year.Industrial structure, server dominated by HP, DELL, IBM and other vendors, storage system dominated by EMC, NetApp, IBM and other vendors, obvious advantages for foreign companies.

China's communication and IT equipment market scale growth is higher than that of the global, operator network equipment market particularly attractive.

In 2015, according to Gartner data, the scale of China telecommunication equipment market for $16.3 billion, up 4.6% from a year earlier.Among them, the operator the size of the market for $12.4 billion, up 4%;Enterprise net size of the market for $3.87 billion, up 6.5% from a year earlier.In addition, the server shipments for 2.36 million units, up 20.5% from a year earlier, the market size of $9.05 billion, up 20.6%;Storage system shipments for 110000, fell 6.4% year on year, $2.1 billion, up 10% from a year earlier.China's global operators network equipment market advantage, the size of the market in the global market share near 30%, second only to Western Europe.Among them, the optical transmission and fixed access equipment market share at the top of the world's first, ranked the world's second mobile communication equipment.

It is worth noting that the Chinese telecommunications equipment industry not only has a complete product system, and the rise of key enterprises, around the machine hardware integration and diversification development strategy to form the strong competitive power.China's communication equipment industry to provide a complete, end-to-end solutions product line and fusion, the main advantage for the hardware as the carrier, with the help of integrated innovation of hardware, software imitation innovation, and instant response services, to provide cost-effective products.Represented by huawei, zte, meanwhile, the rise of leading enterprises, market position gradually enhanced;Huawei to further expand areas of IT, to achieve cloud tube end of universal coverage, with a strong comprehensive strength.

China network communications equipment and IT equipment in the enterprise market, there exists a large gap with the United States.Accordingly, the domestic enterprises are power after, a larger development space.China enterprise network communications equipment and IT equipment starts late, lenovo after m&a x86 IBM business, making Chinese server market share rose to 14.72% in 2015 as a whole.However, in terms of enterprise network communications equipment and storage systems, Chinese enterprises' market share of less than 5%.In contrast, the United States in the three were about 70% share of the niche, at the absolute leading position, high-end equipment advantage is more obvious.In recent years, domestic enterprises actively pursued, rapid growth, lenovo, wave, huawei into the top five domestic server market, tissot K1 to break the monopoly in the field of critical applications host;Nearly 25% of domestic storage system in the market, huawei topped the share, and become the magic quadrant quadrant first challenger Gartner storage.

Change: the industry old pattern is being broken

At present, the advent of cloud computing, the rise of SDN/NFV pushing communications and IT industry in the transformation period.

Cloud computing has changed the IT infrastructure and equipment configuration, traditional IT equipment to develop in the direction of open, customization and modularization.Cloud computing improved hardware resource utilization, slows down the corporate demand for the expansion of the IT equipment, especially high performance equipment demand, open, standardized, and low cost equipment needs to rise.At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency and shorten the delivery time, customization, the whole cabinet server become important innovation forms.In recent years, Internet companies such as Google, Facebook on-demand custom server, domestic "Scorpio plan" is also committed to the entire cabinet server customization and innovation, development will enter the age of 3.0.

SDN/NFV push closed, special traditional communications equipment to open, the direction of generalization.Traditional communication equipment based on vertical closed architecture, hardware and software integration, difficult communication between vendors.SDN/NFV from different dimensions to promote equipment reconstruction, driven communications equipment to the open development, general framework, realization of heterogeneous devices and unified management of network resources.On the one hand, the controller, software becomes the focal point;On the other hand, the hardware change evaluation standard, high-performance forwarding technology and equipment in the form of a variety of new products launched.Like communications equipment, software defined storage of traditional storage system also has a disruptive influence.

With a core of hardware equipment, industrial structure is being broken, the intensified competition in the industry.In the field of IT equipment, traditional IT enterprise product design, fully control part of the ownership is transferred to the user.In addition, highly open and standardized hardware, the user the choice of degrees of freedom increases, the importance of hardware suppliers in the industrial chain with ascension, which further exacerbated the market competition.In the field of communication equipment, IT technology leading ICT depth fusion, NFV change traditional sales mode of communication equipment and improve the value of the IT and software developers, traditional equipment business faces challenges in terms of sales and product upgrade;SDN for software, IT and contract created new opportunities for communication equipment market, is bound to use traditional communications equipment market space.As to adapt themselves to the trend, the traditional communication and IT equipment merchants began to adjust strategy, to new technology, new models and the integration of traditional equipment products, avoid the loss of research and development value and competitive advantage.

Response: hand in hand to build the new competitive advantage

For China's communications and IT equipment industry, as well as the good opportunity of the rapid ascension, and under a lot of challenges.

On the one hand, China's ICT market space is huge, the policy environment, the rapid increase competitiveness for China's communications and IT equipment industry provides a rare opportunity.

China has a large number of users and large enterprise in industry application market, further implement the "broadband China" strategy, "Internet +", "made in China 2025" strategy, successively put forward information equipment demands to heat up, both for China's industry development provides a good policy environment and strong market power.Requirements of the application of domestic Internet enterprises and resource accumulation can form coordinated development mechanism and equipment industry, China is now in the field of customization, the whole cabinet server, designed by Chinese manufacturing to China, custom service function of open can be used as server vendors out of homogenized competition breakthrough.Flexible development strategy, the whole business ability helps to build a comprehensive product technical advantages.China's industry in the following position for a long time, vested interest burden is small, flexible strategy, easier to grasp the opportunity for change.Represented by huawei domestic manufacturers an interdisciplinary diversity to explore actively, a complete coverage of tube end of cloud, able to form a better view to build comprehensive product technical advantages.The foreign capital enterprise technology open, domestic firms benefit from technology sharing.To cater to the domestic server localization development needs, take the Chinese market, ARM and Power speeded up the process of open against China, domestic companies in technology sharing, rapid promotion opportunities.

On the other hand, globally, carrier communication equipment market growth space is limited, enterprise network communications equipment and IT equipment market in the short term is difficult to achieve significant breakthrough, this is China's communications and IT equipment industry must deal with challenges.

As traditional telecom business tend to be saturated, communications equipment investment scale down, Chinese equipment manufacturer in China, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and other occupy a higher market share, the United States, Japan, the European market will face multiple challenges such as trade protection, safety, further growth space is limited.China is still in the core business trading system choose international manufacturer of high-end mainframes, although there has been a breakthrough, but to achieve full replacement in high-end market will take time.Storage system, the mainstream vendors take advantage of the stock market, exchange protocol privatisation, hinder the healthy development of the domestic equipment.

On the whole, weak industrial base is still an important restricting the development of Chinese industry.Although China's communications and IT equipment industry after years of accumulation, has realized the extension of the key link of the industrial chain and industrial base of preliminary reinforcement, but in part the basis and core chip device software is still great gap with developed countries.At the same time, the coordinated development of the industrial chain, industrial ecology is not yet perfect.In fusion driven change situation, industry competition pattern from the product and a single enterprise competition to the each link elements, industry ecosystem construction and resource conformity ability become the decisive factor of industrial development, the coordinated development of China's industrial chain model needs further cultivation, competitive industry ecosystem has not yet formed.

To sum up, in order to seize the opportunity to achieve transcendence, the Chinese communication and IT equipment industry should be a positive, cooperative, consolidate the carrier communication equipment advantages, narrow the gap between enterprise network communication equipment and IT equipment, build the comprehensive competitiveness of cloud tube together;Grasp the opportunity for change, layout of ICT integration and new technologies, to build China's new industrial competitive advantage;Strengthen the key industrial base and the underlying technology innovation, lacking key board industry chain;Standardize the health industry environment, build open industrial ecology, to realize the change of industry development from the following to lead.

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