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Focus on the r&d and production of communication equipment and accessories.

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Excellent cost performance, production of a variety of communication equipment accessories.

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YuYao YongFeng Trading Co.Ltd. Specializes in a wide range of sheet metal fabrication,hardware processing,plastic,network wiring products, telecommunication products & equipment, fiber optic products & accessories.We have our own factory which has been in business for more than 30 years.Our company established a set of strict quality assurance system and obtained ISO9001 international quality system certificate. We not only offer OEM service but also help many partners from all over the world to win in the market with professional technical support, excellent product solution, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service.Through our quality assurance program we give you outstanding products with high quality.As we are very close to NingBo and Shanghai,the cost of logistics is low,which is a big advantage of providing the products with lower price.And it's very convenient for our customers to come and visit our factory.We are looking forward to meeting you here!

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YuYao YongFeng Trading Co.Ltd. Specializes in a wide range of sheet metal fabrication,hardware processing,plastic..


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