Broadband Box
Model number: YF-BBDB
Broadband network box is suitable for residential broadband network cabling system in the floor patch
panels,mainly for broadband access networks in the major ancillary equipment to guide optical cable into mansion.
Entering broadband network unit box for splice, after optical transceivers for photoelectric conversion, eventually
lead out the optical cable to each family or distribution box way in order to realize various broadband access by
Ethernet switch,inner can be installed in ethernet switch, photoelectric conversion device,optical fiber splice tray,
power supply, RJ45 patch panels,Cat5
Suitable for building,housing,community and other broadband access networks
Mainly used for interlligent residential broadband access system. Box body can use alloy, cold-rolled steel or
stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance and sealing performance. Box body surface uses electrostatic
spray ,attactive appearance,durable;diverse,with flexible configuration;has enough space for the alignment.
Using wall-mounted or floor tpe to install,the bottom and top part all can pass in and out the cable,inner installed
in power outlets,fans,cable houlders,optical splicetrays,etc. Can be installed fiber optical transceivers,patch panels
and ethernet switches with different models,specifications inthe box. Can be configured with temperature controller
and fan according to customers' requirements. Broadband multimedia box with temperature control can control the
temperature,set the maximum temperature,starts whtn reaches the temperature ,low noise ai cexchange fans, every
port is equipped with insect net cover.
Model number Dimensions(H*W*D,mm)
YF-BBDB Customized
Operation Conditions:
1.Environment temperature:-25℃-+55℃
2.Relative humidity:≤85%(30℃)
3.Atmosphere pressure:70-106KPa