Modular distribution frame
Model number: YF=MDFF
Modular distribution frames,which can either, be wall mounted or installed back-to -back for free standing applications.These frames are available in single and double vertical versions. The following features are offered within the frame construction:
1.High durable,rigid frame factory assembled from coated steel
2.Back-mount frames manufactured from stainless steel
3.Hard wearing,coated steel jumper rings,wire guides and fanning strips for efficient cable management-frame design allows easy access to top jumper rings
4.Fully earth bonded.Meeting IEC regulations.Earth bar and clip supplied.
5.Adjustment bracket.
1.Double-sided aluminum frame for the use of special materials,easy installation,with open and closed two structures,convenient for expansion
2.Single rack integrate the advantages of double-sided rack,saving room space,all operations are all conducted in a positive side,completely avoid long jumper too much and confusing situation so that can be mantained more easily
3.All modular structure,configuration and installation are flexible and convenient
4.MDF has inline security cable row,horizontal testing cable row,security units and other annexes.
5.Specific good protection against lightning and other reasons due to production of over current,over voltage on the communications equipment and engine room and causing harm
6.Over-voltage protection uses high-quality gas or semiconductor tube,over-current protection with high-quarlity polymer PTC or ceramic PTC such two components,action ,accurate and reliable,reflecting the rapid and strong recovery from
7.All plastics are used flame retardant engineering plastics
8.Contact with the surface with gold,silver,tin,nickel and corrosion protection technology
9.Alarm has unit row,column and total warning alarm(sound,light)
10.Rack's with a reliable grounding system
Model number Pairs
YF-MDFF-1 700
YF-MDFF-2 1400
Other Customized
Operation Conditions:
1.Environment temperature:-25℃-+55℃
2.Relative humidity:≤85%(30℃)
3.Atmosphere pressure:70-106KPa