Outdoor Cabinet (with heat exchange)
Model number: YF-OC
The YF-OC series ourdoor cabinet is outdoor communications integrated access cabinet developed by
our company in accordance with the industry standard YD/T 1537-2006 "Generic Requirements for
Telecommunications System OutdoorCabinets".The product can satisfy the need for "copper back into the
light" and "the broadband node down", with largecapacity, wide range of applications, without restrictions on
geographical loation and the outdoor environment and manyother advantages. It consists of the box,power
supply,temperature control,wiring,environmental monitoring,uninterruptiblepower supplies,and access control ,
etc.The cabinets can be installed as standartd 19"(expandable)switching equipment.
1.The main part of the cabinet is made of high quality galvanized stell plate(covered aluminum plate, cold rolled steel plate,
stainless steel optional),with hinge bulit-in,three-lock structure,and anti-theft lock cover.
2.Double-layer structure and the middle of insulation materials, can effectively prevent the sudden change in the internal
working temperature; and effective to prevent the generation of condensation
3.Prominent roof design can effectively protect the cabinet, and can increase the appearance of the cabinet.Protection
class is designed according to IP55 level, with sun-proof,rain-proof,dust-proof,pest-proof and condensation-proof.
4.The cabinet is designed as 19"/21" standard. The cabinet's equipment installation space and each working areas are
seperated from each other.
5.Different cooling systems are available such as fan,heat exchanger and air-conditioner in accordance with different
working environment of the cabinet ,in order to achieve efficient heat exchange
6.Electic heating system is also available to adopt different environment, which can keep the working temperature in
a suitable range.
7.Environmental monitoring and collecting system and monitor the cabinet and collect information withour people
Model number Dimensions(H*W*D,mm) Capacity Capacity(wires) Heat exchange Heating system
YF-OC-A 1500*1000*600 10U 480 Optional Optional
YF-OC-B 1580*1260*760 13U 864 Optional Optional
YF-OC-C 2200*800*800 24U Optional Optional Optional
Other Customized Customized
Operation Conditions:
1.Work Temperature:-30℃~+55℃
1.Shipping Temperature:-40℃~+70℃
2.Storage Temperature:-25℃~+55℃
4.Air Pressure:70kPa-106kPa
5.Earthquake sesistant level: Intensity 7
6.Lifetime:>10 years