Optical fiber distribution box(PC+ABS)12



Optical fiber distribution box(PC+ABS)
Model number: YF-ODFB-ABS
Optical Fiber Terminal Box meet the demands of industry standard YD/T2150-2010.Mainly used in FTTX terminal link access system.Box adopts high strength PC alloy plastic injection molding, with good sealing and anti-aging performance,can be in outdoor wall hanging, hanging rod installation use or indoor hanging installation.
1.The box body is made of high quality engineering flame retardant high teperature resistant plastic,(PC+ABS) has the advantages of good sealing performance and weather resistance,suitable for indoor and outdoor wall hanging,pole installation and use,protection grade reached IP55 grade.
2.Special indoor cable fixing position,ensure indoor cable fixed after pulling out force of not less than 20N.
3.A quick connector passing hole dedicated,indoor cable end connected with a quick connector can be carried out in the box body,end is connected with a quick connector operation more convenient
4.Armored cable reliable introduced,fixed,stripping and grounding protection device,fixed 2 root outdoor armored cable
5.Multifunctional welding protective base,can satisfy 36 core welding protective sleeve is placed or 18 core cold installation demoand
6.Plate turing structure design,fully and rationally utilzing the space of the case body,full assurance fiber bend radius enough,more convenient for users to set aside appropriate redundant fiber and reasonable routing.
Model number Dimensions(H*W*D,mm) Core
YF-ODFB-ABS-12A 310*360*110 12
YF-MDFB-ABS-12B 300*320*80 12
YF-MDFB-ABS-12C 269*320*90 12
Other Customized
Operation Conditions:
1.Environment temperature:-25℃-+55℃
2.Relative humidity:≤85%(30℃)
3.Atmosphere pressure:70-106KPa